artists to watch out for

This section concerns companies that Or Not… has worked with on an ad hoc basis providing work-circulation assistance or production advice and artists that we keep a particular eye on.

noémie boutin From chamber music concerts to multi-disciplinary productions, from shows for youth audiences to more intimate shows, from solo performances at the Fête de l’Humanité to solo performances in the auditorium of the Lyon Opera House, Noémi Boutin is everywhere and can do everything! Because she is a highly talented cellist, because she is totally committed to defending contemporary music, because she is interested in the relationship between voice and instrument, Or Not… is following the work of Noémi Boutin. Marthe Lemut is an administrative member of her company.

CIE LA CAGE Alienor Dauchez Metteuse en scène de Votre Faust, d’Henri Pousseur et Michel Butor, production à laquelle Or Not… s’est associée dès 2015, Alienor Dauchez poursuit sa route à la croisée du théâtre et de la musique, au cœur du théâtre musical !

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