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MARTHE LEMUT Marthe Lemut was born in 1963. In the 1990s, while working as a journalist specialising in international finance, she joined a small association – a journalists' friendly society, one might say - that organised debates in a Paris cellar. There she met writers, directors, composers, theatre company administrators, and taking a real shine to this milieu she became very interested and involved in what they were doing – in short, she caught the bug. So she decided to change professions and work in culture instead, in the field of contemporary music. Doing what? Everything! As is often the case when one starts out in this business. She then met Roland Hayrabedian in Marseille, who was directing both a professional ensemble, Musicatreize – for which she became promotional manager – and an amateur choir, le Chœur Contemporain, of which she became administrator. She learnt a lot from this dual role, from the organisation of small-scale local concerts to the promotion of large-scale professional productions, from administration to public relations, from dealing with partners to the mounting of national and international tours. In 2003, on the strength of this acquired know-how, she wished to partner new projects and hence she set up her own association, Or Not… Or Not… as in: "To be or not to be!" But word play aside, the intention is more "What if?"... a notion of something held in suspension, something voluntary, a spirit of openness. Perhaps because when one is producing and promoting live performances everything must remain open, in any case, for as long as possible. Perhaps because Or Not… sits on the threshold, at that cusp where the possible is realizable, at that doorway where nothing is as yet imposed or obligatory. Perhaps because it lends more weight to the imagination. Perhaps because, our charming initial disorder always evolves in fine into an order that is subtle and concerted

photo // © Arièle Bonzon